The Grounds Division starts setting up for the Navan Fair on Monday, August 5th, 2019. Work continues during the fair and for the week following the fair. Students can either obtain their 40 hours of volunteer work and/or can be hired to be part of the Grounds Division. Workers will be paired up during their allocated shift(s). Safety footwear (such as steel-toed boots) is mandatory for all persons working in the Grounds Division. Workers must supply their own footwear.
Job Description

  • Designated individuals at least 16 years old may operate Navan Fair equipment
  • Collection of garbage and recycle materials within and around Fair grounds
  • Table/chair setup and tear down in the different divisions before and after the Fair
  • Cleaning of barns, buildings and rest areas
  • Moving of picnic tables, chairs, etc.
  • Erecting and tear down of fence
  • General maintenance functions including painting
  • Other related duties as required by the Grounds Division

We are hoping to schedule 3 different shifts during the Fair (depending on the number of people that are interested) with the morning shift starting at around 6:00am and the night shift ending around 10:00pm (workers must have their own transportation to and from the Fair Grounds). Lunch Room/Break Area is available with a fridge so that workers can bring their own lunches.
More Information
If you are interested in working in the Grounds Division, please fax (613-835-4008) or email a copy of your resume to the Navan Fair Office, Attention Grounds Director and someone will call to setup an interview.