Culinary Science Division – Virtual 2021

Age Classes

ClassAge Group
Mini Bakersunder 8 years
Junior cooks8-12 years
Teen cooks13-16 years
Adults16 – 64 years
All age groups can enter any category.

Competition Classes

OneSingle layer cake of any size decorated signifying what the Navan Fair means to you.  Minimum one photo up to 4 photos to be submitted.  Judging is based on originality, creativity and theme.
TwoMulti tier cake of any size decorated for any celebratory event.   Minimum one photo up to 4 photos. Judging is based on decorations, originality and creativity.
ThreeYour family favourite and include the recipe.  Sharing a photo of your item, te recipe and another with your family enjoying your entry.  Judging is based on creative presentation and overall appreciation.
“Judging” will be done two days following the closing date. 

More details to follow on how to submit your entries