Winter Storage Rental

The CTAS has indoor storage space for rent during the winter.


The Cumberland Township Agricultural Society has indoor storage space for rent for motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, trailers and motor homes. Storage is on site in our buildings from November 1st to May 1st. If you would like more information, please contact the fair office 613-835-2766 or

Rental rates are as follows:

Motorcycles $125 each
Car or Pick-up Truck $300 each
Small Boat (under 24 ft) $300 each
Large Boat (24 ft and over) $550 each
Tent Trailer $300 each
Small Camper Trailer $300 each
Small Motor Home (under 24 ft) $300 each
Large Motor Home (24 ft and over) $650 each
5th Wheel (under 24 ft) $300 each
5th Wheel (24 ft and over) $650 each
Utility Trailer 4’ x 8’ $125 each