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Entry Form

Director: Eleanor Hodges
Committee Members: Rita Dessaint, Ardyth Elliot, Christine Lanthier, Lucie Lavallee, Eleanor Foy, Amy Patenaude, Julia Regenwetter, Lise Bergeron-Ion, Angela Counter

Theme for 2017 – “Proudly Canadian”

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitors can enter one article only in each category. For example, only one dress or only one jogging suit, but both items may be entered in their own category.
  3. Exhibitors are not permitted to show the same article more than two years. Preference will be given to new work.
  4. Soiled, defaced or old work will be disqualified.
  5. Exhibitors must be a member of the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society (you must give your membership number when entering, except in the “Youth” (16 yrs & under) and/or “Special People” sections.)
  6. List of entries to be phoned in to the Secretary, Rita Dessaint at 613-835-2608 or email: rdessaint@live.ca
  7. All entry lists should be in no later than Friday, August 4th, 2017.
  8. Please indicate if you are senior, new exhibitor or youth as there are special prizes for top entries in these categories.
  9. Exhibits must be brought to the blue Exhibit Building on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.
  10. Judging will take place on Thursday, August 10th, 2017. The Exhibit building will be closed until approximately 5 pm or until judging is finished and the display is assembled.
  11. In case of no competition, the judge will only give a prize if work is worthy.
  12. In case of a tie, the overall winner will be determined by the exhibitor with the greatest number of first prizes.
  13. Exhibits must not be removed until after 4:30 pm Sunday, August 13th, 2017. The Exhibit Building will be closed at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 13th 2017, for disassembly of the displays. (This usually takes about half an hour approximately.)


The Agricultural Society is not responsible for exhibits not claimed after 6 pm

Prize money may be picked up at the Fair office any time after noon on Friday or throughout the weekend. Prizes not claimed before the end of September 2017 will be considered to be a donation to the CTAS.


Standard for Adults or Teens: 1st   – $6 2nd   – $5 3rd   – $4
Photography Prizes (adult and teen): 1st   – $5 2nd     – $4 3rd   – $3
Children 10 and under: 1st   – $4 2nd   – $3 3rd   – $2.50 4th   – $2 5th   – $1.50
Special People Category All entries – Ribbon and $5

Afghan and quilt prize amounts will be printed beside the item if different from this list.

HIGHEST OVERALL POINTS PRIZES: (All prizes are donations)

Highest Overall Points Prize Approximate prize value of $50
Second Highest Overall Approximate prize value of $40
New Exhibitor with Highest Points Approximate prize value of $20
New Exhibitor with Second Highest Points Approximate prize value of $10
Senior (65 years +) Exhibitor Highest Points Approximate prize value of $25
Special Judge’s Award Approximate prize value of $20
Each Category will have a Highest Points Prize approximate prize value of $15-$30

Articles will be judged using the scoring system according to the booklet “Homecraft Judging Standards for Ontario Fairs” unless otherwise stated. These standards are important if you want to know what the judge is looking for. Call the Fair Office at 835-2766 for a copy of these judging standards.
Unless we have ALL your contact information (name, address, telephone & membership number) listed on the entry forms, we may have to disqualify the entry. We need this to contact you! When making your tag, put your name and town only, when you bring it to display. Thank-you.

Check out out TWITTER account also:

*All items will be donated to a charitable organization.

  1. Cancer Caps/Hats

CLASS: PEOPLE’S CHOICE ($10, $8, & $6) (Not judged)

  1. Stuffed animal – any medium.

People who visit the Homecraft Division can cast their vote and choose their favorite one.
Sponsored by Navan Womens Institute

*Sample of material attached (SMA) to qualify

  1. Dress, Jumper or Shift
  2. Casserole “carry”
  3. Blouse or a shirt
  4. Lounging pants – any kind
  5. 18″ doll outfit
  6. Pair of dress pants
  7. Seat belt pillow
  8. Tote-bag
  9. Your choice
  10. 1st time sewer – your choice of item
  11. Fabric Bazaar item (value to be under $20 – not listed above)

11 years – 16 years
14. Any sewn item
10 years & under
15. Any sewn item

*Yarn sample and label must be attached to qualify

  1. Adult Sweater
  2. Adult socks
  3. Child’s cardigan
  4. Hat, scarf, mitt/glove set
  5. Novelty knit item
  6. Set of 2 dishcloths
  7. Afghan – any size
  8. Infinity scarf

KIDS ONLY Knitting
11 years – 16 years
24. Any article of knitting (Loom acceptable)
10 years & under
25. Knit a scarf (Loom acceptable)

*Yarn sample and label must be attached to qualify

  1. Jamaican style eg. crocheted multi-coloured “rasta” hat
  2. Cuffed Booties/Slippers
  3. Afghan – any size – (prize $8, $7, $6)
  4. Doll’s outfit – (on the doll)
  5. Shawl or Poncho
  6. 3 different design “granny squares” – max 8” each

KIDS ONLY Crocheting
11 years – 16 years
32. Any crocheted item
10 years & under
33. Any crocheted item


  1. Any article in Weaving – afghan, tablecloths, bags etc.
  2. Any article of Embroidery
  3. Plastic Canvas – your choice – any article between 4″ and 12″
  4. Cross-stitch or Counted Cross Stitch Picture (framed or mounted and ready to hang)
  5. Article of Counted Cross-Stitch (not a picture)
  6. Partially completed, (at least 25%) counted cross stitch article displayed on embroidery hoops or stretcher bars max. size 18″x18″. Pattern accompany article and both front and back will be judged.

KIDS ONLY Needlework
11 years – 16 years
40. Any needlework item
10 years & under
41. Any needlework item

*Any and all quilts are welcomed but to compete at the regional level, see rules for the Grand Champion Quilt Competition below this list

  1. Pieced Quilt – (hand quilted) – full (at least 324“ perimeter to qualify for further competition)
    Prizes $25, $20, $15
  2. Appliquéd and/or pieced quilt (hand quilted) – at least 324” perimeter
    Prizes $20, $15, $12
  3. Machine quilted: quilt/wall hanging, by regular sewing machine (any technique)* judged for quilting only – twin or full size (at least 192″ perimeter to qualify for further competition)
    Prizes $15, $12, $10
  4. Quilt (single or larger)made by 2 or more people – any style – hand or machine quilted – Not eligible for District competition – judged for workmanship and design
    Prizes $10, $8, $6
  5. Quilted cushion/pillow cover
  6. A quilt block – no larger than 16” square – mounted so under side may be judged
  7. A quilted bag – machine or hand quilted
  8. First time quilt exhibitor
  9. Themed wall hanging (max. 36″x24″) eg. Xmas, Easter etc.
  10. Rag quilt, any size
  11. Quilted item or quilt
  12. Crib quilt
  13. Quilting using more than one decorative technique such as piecing, appliqué, embroidery…etc
  14. A small hand quilted item such as table-runner, placemats – not eligible for District competition – judged for workmanship and design.
  15. Adult & child quilting project
  16. Any quilt made by a man

Grand Champion Hand Quilted Quilt Competition of OAAS
(Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies)

  • Entries must be solely made and hand quilted by the exhibitor
  • Entry quilts must be a minimum of 324 inches measured on the perimeter (smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to the next level of competition)
  • Grand Champion quilt will go to the District level for judging District
    Prizes: ribbon, plus $25, $15 & $10
  • Winner of District advances to the annual OAAS Convention for judging. Provincial 1st Prize: $500.

Machine Championship Quilt/Wall Hanging Competition

  • Entries must be solely made and hand quilted by the exhibitor
  • Measured on the perimeter – total perimeter to be minimum of 324” – can be square or rectangular etc.
  • Grand Champion quilt/wall hanging will go to the District level for judging
    Prizes: ribbon, plus $25, $15 & $10
  • Winners of District advances to the annual OAAS Convention

For complete details regarding all OAAS quilt competitions, go to “competitions” at www.ontariofairs.com

Sponsored by Navan Veterinary Services & other groups.

Yarn sample and label must be attached to qualify / Sample of material attached (SMA) to qualify

  1. Baby bags (diapers)
  2. Knitted dress
  3. Blanket – knit or crochet
  4. Baby sweater, hat, leggings set
  5. Home-made toy
  6. Burp pad
  7. Change pad
  8. Sensory item
  9. “Snuggle” blanket
  10. 3 different bibs

Cover artist’s name or identification
Article must be mounted or framed – max size 30″ including frame
Article must be equipped and ready to hang
Criteria must be met or article will not be judged

  1. Landscape painting (oil or acrylic)
  2. Animal painting (oil or acrylic)
  3. Portrait painting (oil or acrylic)
  4. Pencil drawing or sketch (colour or black & white)
  5. Ink or Lavis illustration
  6. Collage
  7. Decorative painting on tole
  8. Decorative painting on any object
  9. Stencilling
  10. Watercolour


  1. Make an unusual wine bottle holder to give as a house warming gift
  2. “Infinity” scarf – made from material
  3. Hand-made cushion for a “teen’s” bedroom
  4. Latch hook rug or wall hanging
  5. Barn-Board sign eg. “Smiths House”. Max size 18” x 18” & ready to hang
  6. Garden “stepping stone”. Please make safe to handle
  7. Plastic Canvas craft (wall hanging, kleenex box cover, etc.)
  8. Pine cone creation
  9. Decorate a basket for a birthday gift – content not judged
  10. Dog’s coat
  11. Set of 3 Xmas tree decorations
  12. Something useful from something used (identify former use)
  13. Fancy pillow case in fabric
  14. Item using Baler Twine
  15. Inukshuk – any medium
  16. Wreath or door hanging
  17. Craft made of Burlap
  18. Decorative article using a wine bottle
  19. A “150 years old” decorative article – any medium
  20. Home-made candle
  21. Any other craft not listed above
  22. Rug hooking (NOT latch)

KIDS ONLY Miscellaneous Hobby Craft
11 years – 16 years
100. Make something from your favourite craft
10 years & under
101. Make something from your favourite craft

****MEN ONLY!****

  1. Decorative item
  2. Useful item
  3. Sports theme craft


  1. Multi-stranded necklace
  2. Friendship bracelets – set of 3 – made from different materials
  3. Earrings
  4. Eye-glasses chain
  5. Unusual types of jewellery (eg. “Goth”)
  6. Any type of jewellery
  7. Hair accessory
  8. Brooch / Pin

**NEW** KIDS ONLY Jewellry
11 years – 16 years
113. Any jewelry item
10 years & under
114. Any jewelry item

*one only per category

  1. Computer art
  2. Thread as a medium
  3. Pressed flowers
  4. 3-D
  5. Mixed media
  6. Buttons – make a design

11 years – 16 years
121. Make an invitation card for a birthday
10 years & under
122. Make a “thank you” card



Rules and Regulations:

  1. All general rules for other categories apply.
  2. Must belong to an organized group (e.g. Church, crafts association, political group, Institute group etc)
  3. All work must be the work of the members of the group.
  4. Choose six (6) items – no more, no less.
  5. All entries are to be attractively displayed.
  6. An identification card is to accompany the display. Card must be discretely hidden and will be displayed after judging.
  7. List of entries and entry fee ($5.00) is to be forwarded to the Homecraft Secretary or to the Fair Office no later than Friday, August 4th, 2017.
  8. Exhibit must be set up between 6:00 and 8:00 pm on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.
  9. Each group is responsible for setting up their own display. Additional props may be used.
  10. Each group will be assigned a space. The display area is approximately 4’ wide x 2½’ deep.

2017 Theme: Proudly Canadian
(SMA = sample material attached; SYA = sample yarn attached)

G1. Quilt a block with a maple leaf emblem (sma) (min. 8″x8″)
G2. Autumn theme table runner with maple leaves (minimum 24″ in length. Any medium.)
G3. Themed tole painted glass milk jug (available in craft stores)
G4. Design a Proudly Canadian flag (max. 32′ x18′. Any medium)
G5. Display a book or magazine that tells about homecraft ideas in the early 1900’s. Add details of how you came to own this on a separate cardboard.
G6. Knit a pair of Newfoundland mitts. (sya)
G7. Cross stitch a typical Canadian scene. (sya) (no size limit)
G8. Mount a photo collage of the different landscapes (mountains, lakes, plains, etc) of Canada and name them. (max. size 16x 16)
G9. Write a 50 to 75 words hand written story from your youth involving snow. Decorate the page.
G10. Display a family heirloom that was knitted, or crocheted with a note attached explaining the item.
G11. Make a table centerpiece with material of your choice for the 1st of July celebrations. (max size 18″ in all directions)

Highest Points – $20
Best Display – $15



  • Open to amateurs only
  • All prints, 4″x6″ or 5″x7″, are to be mounted on white Bristol board with a 1″ border all around, not framed, with category & Fair name on back. Pictures must be taken in current year
  • Absolutely NO digital image ENHANCING allowed. All enhanced photos will be disqualified
  • Navan Fair is not responsible for any damage that may occur to photos that are submitted.
  • Every effort will be made to protect photos from potential damage.
  • ***NOTE: Photos must be taken and mounted by the exhibitor***

CLASS: COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS (may be digital or regular camera)
P1. A Perspective
P2. The horizon at sunset/sunrise
P3. Fast Shutter – Water warfare: water balloons, water-guns, garden hose…
P4. Forest wild-life
P5. Proudly Canadian
P6. Fireworks
P7. Any photo at your favourite sports event.
P8. Macro: Flower
P9. Like Father, like son. (show how they are alike!)
P10. Something that makes you hungry.
P11. Picture of the moon.

CLASS: COLLECTION OF 4 PHOTOS (4″x6″) mounted as a unit
P12. Nature
P13. 4 photos showing a baby’s changing face up to 1 year old.
P14. Pictures taken from last year’s Fair
P15. Take pictures of 3 objects that look like numbers, and make “150” with them.

P16. Trees
P17. Silhouette
P18. Shadows
P19. “I DO”

P20. A retouched digital photo with the original
P21. Reflection: puddle, pond, river
P22. “Instagram” collage of scenery
P23. Dog or Cat days of summer
P24. A flower
P25. Your interpretation of this years theme.- “Proudly Canadian”
P26. Just clouds
P27. Sports equipment. eg Bat & ball
P28. Bubbles

****Best Overall Photo – prize of approximate value of $30 plus ribbon****

OAAS FAIR PHOTO & SLIDE CONTEST – Digital Imaging now accepted
The OAAS holds this competition annually in an effort to acquire photographs and slides for their archives. Complete details for the 2017 competition is available at “Competitions” at www.ontariofairs.com

Deadline: December 1, 2017.
All photos for this competition must be of the 2017 Navan Fair. So bring your camera to this year’s fair and start “snappin”. You might have a winning shot!
Also, please see OAAS website for more photography rules. Or contact the Fair office for a copy.


PLEASE NOTE: There are no more age categories

Must be dated with name of event
Must identify people by first name only

P29. A mini-scrapbook (less than 12″x12″)
P30. Page with a blue theme.
P31. Depict the “150 year” theme.
P32. My best friend (could be a favourite pet or person)
P33. Page with a pink theme.


There is no membership required for this class.
PRIZES: All entries receive a Ribbon & $5

CLASS: ARTICLE MADE BY 80+ (Pick-up & drop off can be arranged for you)

SR1. Any knitted article, e.g. sweater, mitts
SR2. Any quilted article, e.g. hand bag/ shoe bag
SR3. An afghan or quilt made by more than one person
SR4. Craft learned in your childhood.
SR5. Painting or drawing – max: 24” (if not framed, mount so it can be hung to display please)
SR6. Any article of embroidery
SR7. Any other craft you have made that you would like to display
SR8. Collection of mounted pictures showing – “ME THROUGH THE YEARS”



There is no membership required for this class.
PRIZES: All entries receive a Ribbon & $5

SD1. Decorated jar or can
SD2. Any craft you have made.
SD3. A painting or drawing you have made of a dog.
SD4. A knitted or crocheted item – your choice.
SD5. Fridge Magnet
SD6. Wooden Spoon Puppet


We always need volunteers to work on the committee

We appreciate any donations or sponsors for our prizes. If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping or if you know of a business that may like to advertise at the fair, please let us know.

We would like to have people perform demonstrations during the fair ie. flower arranging, spinning, weaving, cake decorating, tole painting, quilting, etc or anything you think would be interesting to Fair goers. Are you interested?

Please call Eleanor Hodges at 613-833-2792 or email ehodges@xplornet.com
OR call the Fair office at 613-835-2766 or email navanfair@bellnet.ca