Commercial Features

Director: Wendy Chretien

Secretary: Wendy Chretien (613) 824-1439 or email
Members: Florence Bertram, Barry Bertram, Debbie Locas, Marc Chretien, Matthew Chretien, Brenda Muir, Candra Muir-Frazer

Rules and Regulations
a. Exhibitor must be a member of the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society (your exhibitor number must be given when entering)
b. Entry Fee $2.00 per entry
c. Hay – an exhibit of one cured flake, exhibited in clear bag.
d. One entry per exhibitor in any section.
e. All entries should be clearly labelled and exhibited in appropriate
    containers for easy judging.
f. Entries must be phoned in to Wendy Chretien at 613-824-1439 by Monday, August 7th or emailed to
g. Judging will begin at 9:00 am Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Note: All entries must be produced or grown by exhibitor.


Prize Money for Class 1

1st-$10.00 2nd-$9.00 3rd-$8.00 4th-$7.00 5th-$6.00 6th-$5.00

1. Hay, 1st cut – 80% (legume)
2. Hay, 1st cut – 60% – 40% mixed
3. Hay, 2nd cut – 80% (legume)
4. Hay, 2nd cut – 60% – 40% mixed

5. Oats, an exhibit of 10 lbs. (approx.)
6. Barley, an exhibit of 10 lbs. (approx.)
7. Oats, sheaf 4” diameter (approx.)
8. Barley, sheaf 4” diameter (approx.)
9. Grain corn – 6 cobs only (peel cobs)
10. Corn stalks – 6 stalks
11. Round bale or square bale baleage – 10 lbs. (approx.)
12. Shelled corn, 10 lbs. untreated (approx.)
13. Corn silage, 10 lbs. (approx.)
14. Hay silage (bunker or silo) 10 lbs. (approx.)
15. Corn, high moisture 10 lbs. (approx.)
16. Soybeans, 10 lbs. (approx.)
17. Soybeans, 5 plants with root attached
18. Winter wheat, 10 lbs. (approx.)
19. Spring wheat, 10 lbs. (approx.)
20. Winter wheat, sheaf 3” diameter (approx.)
21. Spring wheat, sheaf 3” diameter (approx.)

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors: International Stock Foods and General Seeds, Orleans Myers, Scotiabank, Herve Trudeau and Steve & Jennifer Kenny