Alpaca Show

***NOTE: Registration will be done online using Assist Expo and will be considered complete only when payment is made. ***


Navan Fair Alpaca Fleece Show Identification Form

Past Alpaca Show Results


12th Annual Fleece Judging Show – Thursday, August 10th, 2017

13th Annual Composite Halter Show – Friday, August 11th, 2017


Director: Kathy Enright & Corinne Côté
Committee: Hans Brouwer, Sandra & Ian Fredette, Mélanie Bathalon, Shannon Rouleau, Deidre Graham & Gary Umscheid

Judge: Kevin O’Leary

Alpacas will be housed in a tent east of the arena. The tent is available from Thursday, August 10th to Sunday, August 13th, although there will be security overnight on August 10th and 11th.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each Exhibitor must purchase a 2017 Exhibitor membership; this will be done with registration.
  2. Alpaca Exhibitors must provide proof of one million dollar liability with their registration – required with online process.
  3. Alpacas must be registered with either CLAA, ARI or another registry. The alpaca must be registered in the name of the person/farm owning the animal. If showing an animal that is not registered in your name, a letter of permission is required. A copy of the registration certificate and record and proof of negative BVD PI test must be available at registration time. All animals must be in good health, with inoculations up-to-date.
  4. All Alpacas will be checked for a microchip matching registration. If no chip is found, a chip will be inserted at the show, and the required documentation will be sent to the CLAA by the show management, or the Alpaca may be disqualified. Relevant fees to be paid by the Alpaca owner.
  5. No Alpacas under six (6) months of age may compete in the show.
  6. The Halter Show is open to the public, but the Fleece Show is not.
  7. Judge’s decision shall be final.
  8. No ranch, farm, personal or organizational name or logo shall be visible on the exhibitor or animal while in the show ring.
  9. Black show halter and lead without adornment is required.
  10. Dress code is black pants and white shirt. No open-toed shoes are allowed in the ring.
  11. No children under 12 may handle adult Alpacas in the show ring.
  12. Show Management reserves the right to determine any point not covered above, which may be deemed necessary for the best interest of the show.
  13. Check-in for Alpacas will be Thursday, Aug 10th, 2017 between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm to allow for health, colour and microchip check. Please have a copy of your BVD test results and registration, at this time.

1. Composite Halter Show: Age Divisions for Huacayas and Suris (Female & Male) will be as follows:
Note: Age is as of check-in date

In a composite halter show alpacas are evaluated in a combined fleece and shorn conformation class.

  • Juvenile – 6 mos. to under 12 mos.
  • Yearling – 12 mos. to under 24 mos.
  • Two-year-old – 24 mos. to under 36 mos.
  • Mature – 36 mos. and over
    2. Fleece Show:Class Divisions for Huacayas and Suris
    (any category fleece should not be older than 14 months since last shearing)

  • 1st Shearing (Juvenile)
  • 2nd Shearing (Yearling)
  • 3rd Shearing (Two-year-old)
  • 4th Shearing (Mature)
  • 5th Shearing and older
    Judge’s Award for Longevity of Fineness Champion

    Please note: Fleeces must have a minimum of six (6) months of growth and staple length of 3” (76 mm). Fleeces older than 14 months since shorn will be disqualified. The judging of the fleece show is not open to the public.

    Fleeces must be received by: JULY 28, 2017

    Please make arrangements to have your fleeces picked up, or provide proper postage and a mailing label to have your fleeces sent back to you.

    Colour Classes (Same for Composite Halter and Fleece Show)
    ■ White
    ■ Light (Beige, Light Fawn)
    ■ Fawn (Medium Fawn & Dark Fawn)
    ■ Brown (Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown)
    ■ Black (Bay Black, Black)
    ■ Grey (Silver Grey, Rose Grey)
    ■ Multi

    Multi includes Alpacas exhibiting two or more colours that are distinct and immediately visible and are situated on the Alpaca below the head and above the knees.

    Multis are included in the Colour Championship.
    Colour Champion: Minimum of 6 entries per colour in Huacayas and 4 for Suris
    Supreme Champion: Colour Champions from the Composite Halter show and 1st places of the Fleece show compete for Supreme Champion

    NOTE: If your fleece is to be entered in both the Fleece and the Composite Halter Show the proper form must be completed for each show.

    Entry Fees

    2017 Registration before July 30 (Sunday night)
    Composite Halter Show (Friday) $45 / alpaca
    Fleece Show (Thursday) $35 / fleece
    Best Head Every farm is invited to enter an alpaca in each of the Huacaya and/or Suri classes for Best Head – free of charge.
    Pen $45 / pen maximum 4 animals per pen

    No registration, changes or refunds after deadline date of July 30, 2017.

    ■ Ribbons will be awarded to fourth place in both Composite Halter and Fleece shows.
    ■ Prize Money will be given for the Composite Halter and Fleece shows.