Thursday Night

Opening Act: MOMENTUM


Momentum, it’s four old hands on the amateur music scene – Pierre Lanthier, Neil Bassett, Pierre Lafortune and Richard Houde – and a gifted singer- Lise Beauchamp – whose talent raises awe and cheers on every occasion.

The band from Gatineau got together in 2014 and went through a few changes in personnel up to its present iteration. It’s preferred venues: neighbourhood parties, corporate and charity events and summer festivals. It’s repertoire: rock, country rock and pop hits from the English and French hit parades of the 70’s to nowadays. What makes us happy: to see you laugh and dance on our music!

Momentum is:
Lise Beauchamp (lead singer)
Pierre Lafortune (bass, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, vocals)
Pierre Lanthier (guitar, drums, vocals)
Richard Houde (drums, guitar, vocals)
Neil Bassett (keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals)




John Mathieu
Lead vocals / Guitar

John’s soulful, blues-infused voice has been heard throughout Ottawa and
surrounding areas for over 15 years. John is a lightning rod for the crowds,
and brings power and passion to every performance.

“Electric” Pete Laliberte

Delivers the goods with an infusion of raw blues, mind-bending licks, and
unbridled showmanship. Pete has been playing music and entertaining
crowds since before he could walk (ask him)!

Derek Stark
Bass Guitar

Derek claims to have been sent from the future to disrupt the AI apocalypse
of 2023. He bides his time playing bass and singing lead vocals in Ottawa
band, The Suffering Booth, and singing lead for Sidelines, an Ottawa punk
scene supergroup.

Jason “J” Dahl

A fixture on the Ottawa music scene for three decades, J drummed for
Ottawa indie band of legend, The Age Of Faith for a decade, then moved
into music production and film editing. J opened his own boutique home
studio, Dahlhouse Studios ( in 2009.